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KGOCO is proud to offer financing through Upgrade Home Improvement for your clog-free gutter installation. Get your new K-Guard gutter system for as low as $65 a month or take advantage of a 12-month same-as-cash offer today! 

*Payment terms and financing are subject to credit approval. Contact us for full financing details. Limited time availability.

Pricing for a K-Guard Gutter system depends on several factors:
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Avg Home Length

Central Ohio homes typically have 130-150 feet of gutter.

Home Height

One-story vs two-story homes can very greatly in costs.


K-Guard uses larger 3×4 inch downspouts for better water handling and aesthetics.

Roof Construction

Roof pitch, access, and special constructions like corners can influence costs.

Parts Availability

K-Guard uses durable .032 gauge aluminum, sturdier than the standard .024 gauge.

Considering these factors, the average cost for a K-Guard system ranges from $2600-$6000, or $20-$40 per foot installed. Competing products might match or exceed this price.

Remember, investing in K-Guard means a lifetime clog-free guarantee, enhancing your home’s value. The warranty is also transferrable, ensuring peace of mind for future homeowners.

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