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How K-Guard® Works

What makes K-Guard® so special?

It begins with the four key components (1) the hood, (2) the gutter, (3) the downspouts and (4) the patented K-Guard® hangers.

It’s good to know how clog-free gutters (also known as gutter guards) work before you decide to install them. A gutter guard system consists of a hood and a gutter. The narrow opening between the two pieces allow rainwater to pass through, while leaves, pine needles and debris are not able to enter the gutter or downspouts. While the debris fall to the ground (instead of into the gutter), the water tension draws the rainwater through the system, down the downspouts and onto the ground beneath.

K-Guard Gutter on a house.
Gutter – full-sized, 5-inch gutters are able to handle more water than most any other leaf-free system.
Hood – water adheres to the curve of the hood and flows into the gutter, while leaves are shielded from entering.
Downspouts – oversized 3×4-inch downspouts quickly flush out rainwater and any small pieces of debris that may occasionally enter the system.
Gutter attached to a house.

No more leaves, twigs or debris with K-Guard®

You love your home and trees and enjoy the changes that come with every season. What you probably don’t enjoy is the gutter maintenance chores and water damage concerns that come with the territory.

You know how it goes when leaves fall and icy weather arrives… climb the ladder and clean out the leaves… then climb the ladder and check for ice dams… then climb the ladder and unclog the downspouts (you get the idea!) Whatever the weather, the gutters are always going to be a concern, and unfortunately, are always going to require you to climb a ladder to check, unclog or repair them.

With the K-Guard® leaf-free gutter system, it’s a whole new story. In fact, once your new system is installed, you’ll never have to unclog your gutters again! Why? Because the K-Guard® leaf-free system consists of a hood, gutter and downspouts that let rainwater in… and keep leaves and debris out! That means no more ladders to climb, leaves to unclog, ice dams to tackle or water damage to worry about.

K-Guard®’s system is built around its patented high-strength hangers which are made from all-weather polymers set every 24 inches inside the gutter. These hangers fully support the protective hood and keep the noncorrosive aluminum gutter from sagging or losing its form. K-Guard®’s gutters are also a full 5 inches wide, which fit larger 3×4-inch downspouts to easily flush out any small debris that might leak.

Plus, these strong, durable gutters come in a variety of colors, blend in with your home and look as great as they function. And here’s the good news, professional installation can be completed in a single day for most homes.

Enjoy your home the way it was meant to be enjoyed – leaf-free, clog-free and maintenance-free! Contact K-Guard® today for a no-cost consultation.

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