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K-Guard Gutter System Installation Cost
in Columbus, Ohio

What determines the cost of your new gutter system?

If you purchased a new construction home and need to install gutters, or if your current system needs replacing, you should do plenty of research before choosing a gutter system and hiring a gutter installation company. It can all seem overwhelming as you compare different gutter styles and systems, especially when you wonder what the gutter installation costs will be.

K-Guard® of Central Ohio has been dismantling older systems and installing the K-Guard® Leaf Free Gutter System for decades with an extremely knowledgeable staff. We’re gutter experts and know the gutter installation costs for various gutter systems in Columbus, Ohio.

Additional things may affect pricing, but that can be determined when a gutter installation company assesses your home.

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Sectional Gutters - Installation Cost Per Foot

Traditional, sectional gutters are installed in sections that are pre-cut with joints. These joints are sealed at the seams to connect the individual pieces. The seams are sealed to help prevent leaks using a sealant. Though the sealant can be strong, it’ll inevitably wear down over time, causing the gutters to leak.

As you can imagine, sectional gutters aren’t as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as seamless gutters are. Those seams we just mentioned can be unsightly and they are seen throughout the entire perimeter of the gutter system. Not only do leaking gutters cause damage to the home, but they are an eyesore if they’re leaking.

Sectional gutters are initially the more affordable option, but they come with a price. The average gutter installation cost to install sectional gutters is anywhere from $4-$20 per foot.

As previously mentioned, the gutter installation cost per foot is less expensive than other gutter systems. However, installing more affordable sectional gutters can result in spending more money in the long run. When the sealant wears off on sectional gutters, small leaks quickly turn into sections of the gutter system sagging, tearing apart, and eventually drooping downward.

Seamless Gutters - Installation Cost Per Foot

Seamless gutters are installed much differently than sectional gutters. Rather than being installed in sections and connected at joints, seamless gutters are installed continuously, eliminating the need for joints and seams throughout the whole system. Seamless gutters are also cust-cut to be the exact and perfect fit for your home, allowing water to flow freely through the gutters and downspouts, never leaking.

Seamless gutters are available in half-round or gutter guard styles, so depending on which you choose to install, the price can vary. The average gutter installation cost to install seamless gutters is anywhere from $5-$40 per foot. Again, factors like material and whether or not you install gutter guards can affect the final gutter installation cost.

Though initially more expensive, seamless gutters will save you money in the long run. Since seams and individual sections are eliminated, so is the possibility for leaks.

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K-Guard® - Installation Cost Per Foot

K-Guard® is unlike any other gutter system available on the market. It’s a complete system with a seamless design and a curved hood that blocks debris from entering the system. Unlike traditional gutters that have an open-top style, the K-Guard® Leaf Free Gutter System covers the inside of the gutter. These gutter guards keep all debris like leaves, pine needles, silt, and pests out. Therefore, your K-Guard® will never clog, resulting in a longer lifespan compared to traditional gutters.

Several factors will determine the price of your K-Guard® Gutter Guards. At K-Guard® of Central, we offer free estimates with zero obligations to homeowners in and around Columbus. When you schedule a free estimate, one of our experts will examine your existing gutter system, take measurements, and provide a detailed estimate, including the gutter installation cost for installing K-Guard®.

Pricing for a K-Guard® Gutter system depends on several factors:

Avg Home Length

Central Ohio homes typically have 130-150 feet of gutter.

Home Height

One-story vs two-story homes can very greatly in costs.


K-Guard® uses larger 3×4 inch downspouts for better water handling and aesthetics.

Roof Construction

Roof pitch, access, and special constructions like corners can influence costs.

Parts Availability

K-Guard® uses durable .032 gauge aluminum, sturdier than the standard .024 gauge.

Considering these factors, the average cost for a K-Guard® system ranges from $2600-$6000, or $20-$40 per foot installed. Competing products might match or exceed this price.

Remember, investing in K-Guard® means a lifetime clog-free guarantee, enhancing your home’s value. The warranty is also transferrable, ensuring peace of mind for future homeowners.

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