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How Long Do K-Guard® Gutters Last?

Gutters are paramount when it comes to protecting our homes from drainage issues and water damage. Every home should have a gutter system regardless of where it’s located, the roof type, how many stories it has, or how old or new it is. They’re an investment that’s well worth it, but did you know that not all gutter systems have the same lifespan?

Each gutter system has a different lifespan depending on a few factors like material, style, and how it’s installed. At K-Guard® of Central Ohio, we only install the K-Guard® Leaf Free Gutter System, the premier gutter system for homeowners in Columbus and surrounding areas. We’re often asked how long the K-Guard® System lasts – keep reading to learn how long and how it compares to other gutter systems.


Lifespan of Other Gutter Systems

When installed correctly and properly maintained, the average gutter system can last for about 20 years, give or take. There are a lot of factors that contribute to the lifespan:



These are just a few factors that play a role in a gutter system’s longevity. Gutters that have seams don’t typically last as long since they are installed piece by piece using many bolts, screws, and a lot of sealants. All of these extra components deteriorate over time and loosen, causing the gutters to leak, overflow, or tear away from the home.


Lifespan of K-Guard®

When homeowners are shopping for a new gutter system, one of the top things they take into consideration is the lifespan of the gutter system. Is it going to last for ten years? Maybe fifteen? It can be costly to install a new gutter system and you want to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck, avoiding a failing gutter system a few years down the road.

The K-Guard® Leaf Free Gutter System is unlike any other gutter system on the market. While other gutter systems may last for one decade, maybe two, guess how long K-Guard® Gutters last. FOR THE LIFE OF THE HOME! When you install K-Guard®, you’ll never need to replace your gutter system again, guaranteed. 


How Can K-Guard® Last a Lifetime?

Many factors contribute to K-Guard® Gutters lasting a lifetime:



Nothing can match the durability of K-Guard®. It can withstand all types of severe weather we experience here in Columbus and surrounding areas, from blizzards to extreme winds and severe thunderstorms. No matter the season or the weather condition, K-Guard® will never tear away from the home, overflow, or sag, all issues that occur from severe weather damage.


Quality Materials

K-Guard® is made from heavy-duty aluminum which resists corrosion and deterioration. Our gutters will never dent, get paint chips, or rust because the base material is so durable. Quality materials mean it’ll last for decades down the road.


No Clogs

Clogs are an issue when it comes to how well your gutters will function, and they can shorten the lifespan of a gutter. Every time a clog forms and is left alone to accumulate, it puts more pressure on the gutter system, potentially causing it to tear away from the home. The standing water inside the gutter can cause roof damage and the gutter to corrode and rust. Luckily, K-Guard® has a zero percent chance for clogs, meaning you’ll never have clogged gutters again! No chance for clogs means a longer lifespan for your gutter system.



K-Guard® Gutters perform like no other complete system; our curved hood allows debris to simply slide off while large amounts of rainwater and meltwater adhere to the gutter and enter the system through a rear drainage channel. Thanks to our oversized downspouts, our gutter product can handle a minimum of 23 inches of rain per hour, much more than other gutter systems! The unmatched performance of K-Guard® Gutters adds to its lifespan, never allowing water to sit inside the gutters, causing issues.


Expert Installation

Some gutter systems have a shorter lifespan based on the installation. Sometimes, gutter systems are installed wrong, leading to drainage issues and water damage. Some are also mounted to the roof, a big no-no when protecting a roof’s warranty.

With K-Guard®, you can rest easy knowing your gutter system will be installed by experts who cut and install your gutters on-site, ensuring a perfect fit. When a gutter system is expertly installed, there’s no room for error and it performs well, leading to a longer lifespan.



If you’re ready to make the switch to lifetime K-Guard® Gutters, contact our team today. 

We’ll be happy to schedule a free estimate and will provide you with a detailed analysis of your current gutter system and a quote for installing our K-Guard® Gutters. We look forward to helping you protect your home from drainage issues!