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Tips for Picking the Right Gutter Color for Your Home

Did you know that customizing your gutter system’s color to complement your home can be challenging? Some gutter installation companies in Central Ohio only offer a handful of colors, making it hard to find the perfect color to match your home. The last thing you want is to install a gutter system in a color that clashes with your home.

K-Guard®™ of Central Ohio is different. Our color selection for K-Guard®™ Gutters is vast, with a whopping 25 colors! From earthy browns to bright neutrals and everything in between, customizing your gutter system to match your home has never been easier. Keep reading to learn about our gutter color options and tips for picking the right color for your home.

How to Pick the Right Gutter Color for Your Home

There’s a lot to consider when selecting a gutter color. You’ll want to ensure your choice doesn’t clash with your current home accents. For example, warm brown shutters mixed with stark black gutters wouldn’t look good. Here are some tips for picking the right gutter color for your home:

Consider the Color Tone of Your Home

When picking the right gutter color for a home, most homeowners prefer to match it to their soffit and fascia boards. When choosing your gutter color, consider the color tone of your home’s trim. For example, you wouldn’t want to choose a warm brown gutter color if your home’s soffit and fascia are a cool-toned brown. If you’re unsure about the tone of your home, the gutter installation company you hire can help you choose the best color.

Consider the Maintenance of the Color

Not all gutter colors are the same across the board; different manufacturers offer differing color options and qualities. Some sectional gutters may come in an eye-catching color that makes your home stand out but might require frequent maintenance. Why? Depending on the material of the gutter system, the paint could chip easily, leaving you with damaged gutters that could result in rusting.

Likewise, choosing bright whites from a gutter company that doesn’t offer extremely durable gutters could require you to clean them often to remove build-up. Some colors may also fade from sun exposure, depending on the quality of the gutter system.

Check with your HOA

Some homeowners’ associations have strict rules stating that homes can’t have certain colors on their homes, like bright blue shutters or red doors. If you’re considering making a bold statement by choosing a striking gutter color, check with your HOA ahead of time. The last thing you want to happen is installing a gutter system in a color your HOA disapproves of and having to replace it.

Take Advantage of Color Samples

If you hire a gutter installation company to install a new gutter system on your home but they don’t offer color samples, reconsider working with them. Would you paint your home without first taking some color samples to see how it looks? Would you replace your home’s siding before ever seeing a color sample? Of course not. The same goes for your gutters – take advantage of color samples and ask to borrow them so you can see for yourself which colors complement your home.

K-Guard®™ of Central Ohio Gutter Color Options

Hiring K-Guard®™ of Central Ohio takes the guesswork out of selecting a gutter color. When we come to your home for your free estimate, we’ll make note of your home’s trim and colors to get an idea of colors that would be great for your new gutter system. When you hire us to install your K-Guard®™ Gutters, we’ll customize your gutters to ensure the perfect color for your home is installed.

Our team of experts has worked with tens of thousands of happy customers, helping them find the perfect gutter color for their homes. No two homes are the same, so we offer a variety of colors to suit your needs. Here are our 25 color options:

  1. 80° White
  2. 30° White
  3. Cameo
  4. Linen
  5. Classic Cream
  6. Almond
  7. Desert Sand
  8. Sandtone
  9. Wicker
  10. Silvery Grey
  11. Victorian Grey
  12. Rugged Canyon
  13. English Wedgewood
  14. Jefferson Tan
  15. Pebblestone Clay
  16. Montana Suede
  17. Russet Red
  18. Terra Bronze
  19. Evergreen
  20. Charcoal Grey
  21. London Brown
  22. Dark Bronze
  23. Royal Brown
  24. Musket Brown
  25. Black



Again, our team will work directly with you to choose a color that either perfectly complements your trim, soffit, and fascia, or one that’s more striking, adding a stunning boldness to your home.

Unlike most other gutter installation companies, we install the K-Guard®™ Leaf Free Gutter System. K-Guard®™ is different than most other gutter systems; it has a curved hood that keeps all debris out, allowing more water to flow through the system at a rapid pace. This prevents clogs and blockages that impede water flow, also preventing costly gutter issues like overflowing and sagging gutters.

K-Guard® also comes with a lifetime warranty that protects your investment. Our lifetime warranty ensures your gutter system’s paint will never chip or fade, the system will never clog, and you’ll never need to perform maintenance. No other gutter system on the market can match the durability, capacity, performance, and warranty of K-Guard®™.

If you’re ready to switch to lifetime K-Guard® Gutters, contact our team today. 

We’ll be happy to schedule a free estimate and provide you with a detailed analysis of your current gutter system and a quote for installing our K-Guard® Gutters. We’re also happy to give you some color samples to help you get a better feel of the gutter colors we offer. We look forward to helping you protect your home from drainage issues!