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How Keeping Gutters Clean Protects Your Home

As homeowners, we’re always busy doing some project or performing routine maintenance on a home component to ensure everything is in tip-top shape. Regular maintenance on things in/on our homes keeps them functioning properly and can prolong their lifespans. Chores like having our HVAC systems checked semiannually, pressure washing our home’s exteriors, and cleaning our gutter systems are just a few examples of routine maintenance that keeps us busy.

Gutters are a house’s first line of defense against water damage, so it’s crucial that they’re kept in great shape and cleaned often to keep them functioning well. Continue reading to learn how keeping gutters clean protects your home and about a permanent gutter solution.


How Clean Gutters Protect Your Home

Traditional half-round gutters without a gutter guard installed are prone to catching debris since the inside of the gutter is completely exposed. Failing to clean them often will damage your home, some of which can be extensive and cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair or replace. Below are a few examples of how clean gutters protect your home:


Clean Gutters Protect Your Roof

Gutter systems function to collect water from the roof and carry it through the gutters to the downspouts, where the water is diverted a safe distance away from a home’s foundation. All forms of precipitation like stormwater, ice, and snow first fall on a home’s roof before it drains to the gutters. Gutter systems protect roofs from water damage by allowing all the water from the roof to drain into the system.

Imagine if a gutter system was full of debris and couldn’t collect water from the roof. What would happen? For one, the water that trickles from the roof to the gutter would be forced to seep underneath the shingles, causing them to warp and causing the underlayment to be exposed to excess water. Excess water left to seep into the shingles could cause them to loosen and come off, exposing the other layers and causing extensive damage. Damage to the fascia and soffit would also occur; water damage to the fascia is the main reason gutter systems fail and water finds its way into the interior walls.

Clean gutters protect your roof by collecting and carrying stormwater and meltwater away, never allowing it to seep underneath the shingles or remain on the roof. Water on a roof naturally falls downward thanks to the roof’s pitch and slope, and having a clean, high-quality gutter system to catch and carry the water away is paramount to keeping a drier roof.


Clean Gutters Protect Your Landscaping

You work hard to maintain great landscaping for your home. You mow regularly in the spring, summer, and early fall, lay grass seed and weed killer when needed, water the plants, shrubs, trees, and flowers, and pull weeds from the garden beds, among many other things. Maintaining a healthy landscape takes time and dedication. Did you know that your gutter system is working to help keep it in great shape?

Clean gutters protect your landscaping in several ways. For one, when gutters are clean, it allows the water to flow through the gutters and into the downspouts, never allowing the water to spill over the sides and overflow. Overflowing gutters are notorious for damaging landscaping by overwatering. Plants, shrubs, and flowers need a certain amount of water each day – imagine if your gutters were causing them to be overwatered. They’d get root rot and die, leading to an unsightly landscape. Excess water from overflowing gutters would also lead to soil erosion and a muddy and messy yard.

Clean gutters are crucial to maintaining a lush landscape, never overwatering your plants, shrubs, and flowers. The result is a lush garden bed attracting potential homebuyers and pleasing neighbors. 


Clean Gutters Protect Your Home’s Foundation

The first part of your home that was built was the foundation. Foundations support the weight of your home, giving it an even base for the rest of the home to be built upon. Without a foundation, your home would sink into the ground, be uneven, and suffer extreme damage during a heavy rainstorm or severe weather. 

Clean gutters protect your home’s foundation by keeping it dry. A properly functioning gutter system collects and carries water away from the roof, ultimately dispersed away from the foundation through the downspouts. 


Clean Gutters Protect Your Home’s Siding

What happens when gutters are clogged? Water will overflow and spill over the sides. Some stormwater and meltwater will continuously seep out of the gutters and trickle down the side of the home. Gutter water can be dirty since it mixes with silt, twigs, pine needles, pests, and whatever else is inside the gutter. Dirty water slowly trickling down your home’s siding will inevitably cause staining and water damage.

High-quality, clean gutters in great shape don’t leak or overflow. Therefore, clean gutters protect your home’s siding by preventing dirty meltwater and stormwater from trickling down your home’s siding. Replacing home siding is expensive, especially if you need to replace the entire siding.


K-Guard® – A Permanent Gutter Solution

Knowing how clean gutters protect your home, wouldn’t you do anything to keep them clean?  Cleaning your gutters is paramount to prolonging the gutter system’s life and preventing water and structural damage from happening to your home. Cleaning your gutters is a daunting task that requires regular maintenance, a lot of time, and extreme caution. 

If you’ve ever cleaned your gutters, you understand how strenuous and dangerous it can be. If you’re tired of cleaning your gutters and want to protect your home from water damage caused by a faulty gutter system, consider installing a permanent gutter solution – K-Guard®.

The K-Guard® System has multiple components that work together to keep all debris out and off the system, never allowing the chance of trapped debris and clogs to form. One of the best features of the K-Guard® Leaf Free Gutter System is you’ll never need to perform gutter maintenance again! Because debris can’t enter the system and can’t collect on top of the gutter, it falls off the system while only allowing water to enter the gutters through a narrow opening. You’ll never need to clean your gutters again when you install the K-Guard® System!

K-Guard® also comes with a transferable lifetime warranty that protects your investment. Our lifetime warranty ensures your gutter system’s paint will never chip or fade, the system will never clog, and you’ll never need to perform gutter maintenance again. No other gutter system on the market can match the durability, capacity, performance, and warranty of K-Guard®.

Contact our team today if you’re ready to switch to lifetime K-Guard® Gutters. 

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