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What are the Benefits of Repairing Gutters?

Nearly everything in a home needs repairing at some point. Maintaining and repairing home components is a great way to keep a home in good shape and prevent extensive damage from lack of repairs and maintenance. Some big repairs need to be made, like repairing the home’s siding, HVAC system, and entire roof, while other smaller repairs, like a single shingle, small leak, or the gutter system, are just as important.

Repairing damage on any home component prolongs its lifespan and helps your home to run even smoother. The gutter system may seem small compared to other home components, but just because it’s out of sight (unless you’re looking directly at it), it shouldn’t be out of mind, especially if it’s damaged.

Keep reading to learn about some benefits of repairing gutters to better protect your home from damage caused by faulty gutters.


Benefits of Repairing Gutters

There are many benefits of repairing gutters beyond the visual ones. Below are just some of the many benefits of repairing gutters:

Protects Your Roof

Did you know your gutter system wears many hats to protect your home from water damage? One of those hats is to protect your roof, whether you have an asphalt shingle, metal, or other roofing material. How can a gutter system possibly protect your roof when the roof sits above it? A high-quality and well-functioning gutter system collects stormwater and meltwater from the roof, carrying it toward the downspouts and ultimately diverting the water away from the home.

A gutter system that’s damaged or needs repairing may not be collecting enough water from the roof and diverting it away from the home. This can lead to water left to sit and collect inside the gutter to seep under the roofing material, causing it to warp or rot. It can also lead to a damaged roof underlayment or rafters, a costly issue if left alone. 

Damaged gutter systems don’t collect and allow water to flow freely through the system, causing it to either sit inside the gutter and seep under the roofing materials or remain on the roof. Other possible damages to the roof besides shingle damage and wood rot include warping, roof algae, missing shingles, etc. Getting your gutter system repaired will keep your roof drier, ultimately prolonging its lifespan. A well-functioning gutter system protects your investment, whereas a damaged one can harm it.


Helps Prevent Wood Rot

As previously mentioned, wood rot can occur to the roofing materials if a damaged gutter system is left alone. Aside from causing wood rot to the roof, wood rot can also happen to other components of your home thanks to a faulty gutter system. Think of everything your gutter system borders, sits above, or directly below. Wood rot can occur to nearly every home component near the gutter system, like the soffit and fascia, and even your home windows if they have a wooden frame.


Prevents Foundation Damage Caused by Faulty Gutters

Foundation damage occurs when water that should flow through the gutters either overflows or leaks, causing water to collect directly underneath the gutters and near the foundation. Eventually, this water would create a trench bordering the foundation and basement walls, allowing the water to seep into the foundation walls. This will eventually cause basement leaks, mold and mildew, a cracked foundation, and even structural damage.

Repairing a faulty gutter system can prevent foundation damage caused by faulty gutters. If an overflowing, leaking, or sagging gutter is causing a trench around your foundation, contact a gutter installation company for a quote for gutter repair costs or gutter replacement.


Protects Your Soffit & Fascia

Are you familiar with the role a soffit and fascia play? If you stand directly under your gutter system, you’ll notice an overhang that extends from the roof. Directly underneath the overhang is the soffit, nestled between your roof and siding. You may notice your soffit has small openings – this allows air to flow through the soffit and into the attic. This constant airflow keeps your attic cooler and drier which protects your roof and fascia.

Fascia is a protective layer of boards that surrounds the roof’s rafters. Fascia has a major role in protecting your roof because it supports bearing the weight of the roof. Fascia boards also support the weight of a gutter system and are aesthetically pleasing since they cover your roof’s components.

When you repair gutters, you also protect the soffit and fascia. Water damage to the fascia is the main reason gutter systems fail and water finds its way into the interior walls. If left alone, damaged gutters can cause wood rot to your soffit and fascia, most likely causing extensive and costly roof damage. The last thing you want is to replace your soffit and fascia. Therefore, repairing damaged gutters is crucial to protect your soffit and fascia.


Keeps Your Home Drier

Without a gutter system, water would spill over the sides of the roof, landing on anything and everything directly below the roofline. Landscaping and garden beds would be destroyed from overwatering, there would be a risk of flooding, and other home components would be damaged, like the soffit and fascia, home siding, and foundation.

Gutter repair ensures your gutter system is performing its best by collecting water from the roof, carrying it to the downspouts, and diverting it away from your home’s foundation. Therefore, your home would stay drier without water from the roof pouring over or trickling down the sides of your home.

There are many benefits to repairing gutters, all of which protect your home from drainage issues caused by faulty gutters. If your gutters are overflowing, leaking, sagging, or have standing water, contact K-Guard® of Central Ohio. Though gutter repair does have some benefits, repairing damage has a band-aid effect. Oftentimes, the gutter system needs replacing.


K-Guard® – A Permanent Gutter Solution

The K-Guard® System has multiple components that work together to keep all debris out and off the system, never allowing the chance of trapped debris and clogs to form. One of the best features of our gutter product is you’ll never need to perform gutter maintenance again! Because debris can’t enter the system and can’t collect on top of the gutter, it falls off the system while only allowing water to enter the gutters through a narrow opening. You’ll never need to clean your gutters again when you install the K-Guard® System!

K-Guard® also comes with a transferrable lifetime warranty that protects your investment. Our lifetime warranty ensures your gutter system’s paint will never chip or fade, the system will never clog, and you’ll never need to perform gutter maintenance again. No other gutter system on the market can match the durability, capacity, performance, and warranty of K-Guard®.

Contact our team today if you’re ready to switch to lifetime K-Guard® Gutters. 

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