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Innovations in Gutter Technology

Though gutter systems may seem simple in design, they’ve evolved quite a bit since their invention back in 47 AD. Yes, that’s right – the first gutter system was invented nearly 2,000 years ago! 

There have been plenty of innovations in gutter technology throughout the years. Sit back and relax as we take a history lesson through time to learn about the earliest gutter systems and the innovations in gutter technology along the way!

Early Gutter Systems: 47 AD – The 1960s

Ancient Rome

What’s your Roman empire? It’s probably not gutters, but did you know that your gutter system’s concept dates back to the Romans? Imagine Rome during Caesar’s rule portrayed in movies: no technology, everything was transported by horse and buggy, and buildings were constructed of stones and marble. 

Can you picture ancient Rome as having a gutter system? Probably not, but Romans are credited with the concept of gutters. In 47 AD, the Romans introduced the concept of gutters to Great Britain where they were first made from bricks made from clay.

10th & 13th Centuries

Flash forward to the 10th and 13th centuries, when buildings had roofs made of stone and gargoyles were first introduced. Gargoyles date back to medieval times when they were always displayed on castle roofs to keep evil spirits away. While they were believed to protect the structure they were on, gargoyles were invented with a different purpose: to drain excess water from a roof. Water would flow through the gargoyles’ mouth where it would be diverted away from the structure.

After the invention of gargoyles, the concept of gutter systems evolved into utilizing a downspout in the 1200s. The first structure to use a downspout was the Tower of London, a historic royal palace that housed many monarchs like Queen Elizabeth I, Anne Boleyn, and Henry VIII, to name a few. The royals wanted the building to remain a pristine white, so downspouts were used to carry water away from the side of the London Tower rather than trickle down the sides.

1500s – The 20th Century

Gutters and downspouts were common residential and commercial building components by the 1500s. They were made from lead in the 1500s and later made from other materials like cast iron and wood. Eventually, by the 20th century, gutter systems were made from more durable materials and were more functional and durable in design.

Seamless Gutter & Rollforming Inventions: 1960s

The 1960s may have gone down in history as one groovy decade marked by antiwar protests, The Beatles, and Flower Power, but it was also an important decade for the evolution of gutter systems. Art Knudson invented rollforming that allowed gutter installation companies and builders to cut seamless gutters. Seamless gutters, unlike sectional gutters, minimized leaks and quickly became a popular choice for homeowners and commercial property owners.

The first seamless gutter systems were made from steel, an incredibly durable material. However, the material quickly corroded from a lack of a non-corrosive coating, so other gutter materials were used, like vinyl, copper, and aluminum.

Modern Gutter Technology

Modern gutter systems have come a long way since 47 AD and even the 1960s. While we still use rollforming to make seamless gutters, gutter designs, and concepts have changed drastically. Now open-top, k-style, gutter guards, gutter covers, gutter filters, and gutter screens are available, each offering benefits and some drawbacks. 

Traditional half-round gutters, k-style, and sectional gutters can protect a home from drainage issues, but they aren’t very durable and don’t protect a home nearly as well as the K-Guard® System. Other gutter systems often leak, overflow, or tear away from the home, resulting in an eyesore and costly damage to the roof, foundation, siding, and other components.

K-Guard® is a complete system with multiple components that work together to protect against drainage issues. It has a curved hood, oversized downspouts, and gutters and is seamless, offering complete protection from drainage issues. Unlike traditional gutter systems, K-Guard® keeps all debris out thanks to its curved hood that blocks debris from entering the system, only allowing water to enter the gutters and flow through the system. K-Guard® is clog-free, meaning you’ll never need to deal with clogged gutters again! You’ll also never need to clean them, making them a maintenance-free, permanent gutter solution.

K-Guard® also comes with a transferrable lifetime warranty that protects your investment. Our lifetime warranty ensures your gutter system’s paint will never chip or fade, the system will never clog, and you’ll never need to perform gutter maintenance again. No other gutter system on the market can match the durability, capacity, performance, and warranty of K-Guard®.

Contact our team today if you’re ready to switch to our seamless gutters and guards or the K-Guard® System. We’ll be happy to schedule a free estimate and provide a detailed analysis of your current gutter system and a quote for installing our K-Guard® Gutters.