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What are the Benefits of Repairing Gutters?

Nearly everything in a home needs repairing at some point. Maintaining and repairing home components is a great way to keep a home in good shape and prevent extensive damage from lack of repairs and maintenance. Some big repairs need to be made, like repairing the home’s siding, HVAC system, and entire roof, while other […]

How Keeping Gutters Clean Protects Your Home

roof debris

As homeowners, we’re always busy doing some project or performing routine maintenance on a home component to ensure everything is in tip-top shape. Regular maintenance on things in/on our homes keeps them functioning properly and can prolong their lifespans. Chores like having our HVAC systems checked semiannually, pressure washing our home’s exteriors, and cleaning our […]

Tips for Gutter Maintenance

Does your home have gutters? We certainly hope so. If a home doesn’t have a properly functioning gutter system, it’s at risk for severe damage. Foundation damage, soil erosion, roof damage, basement flooding, and more can happen without a proper drainage system. Even with a gutter system, homes can get water damage from faulty or […]

Tips for Picking the Right Gutter Color for Your Home

Assortment of different colors the product comes in.

Did you know that customizing your gutter system’s color to complement your home can be challenging? Some gutter installation companies in Central Ohio only offer a handful of colors, making it hard to find the perfect color to match your home. The last thing you want is to install a gutter system in a color […]

What Gutters Are Best for Ohio?

Columbus, Ohio skyline

The Buckeye capital is one of the best places to live in! Whether you grew up in Central Ohio or recently moved here, no one can deny that this is truly one of the best places to work, raise a family, and attend school. With plenty of activities like the theatre, conservatory, North Market, Buckeye […]

How Long Do K-Guard® Gutters Last?

The front of a house

Gutters are paramount when it comes to protecting our homes from drainage issues and water damage. Every home should have a gutter system regardless of where it’s located, the roof type, how many stories it has, or how old or new it is. They’re an investment that’s well worth it, but did you know that […]

Customize Your K-Guard® System

K-Guard Gutter System

  Selecting the color of your gutter system is nearly as important as choosing the system itself. Unfortunately, many companies don’t offer their gutter product in various colors, sometimes limiting their customers to a handful of options. K-Guard®™ of Central Ohio is different; we offer over 30 color options! Customizing a gutter system to complement […]

4 Signs You Need New Gutters

Damaged Gutters

  Every house, whether newer or older, requires components to be maintained or replaced to keep the rest of the home safe. One essential component of a home that shouldn’t be neglected if it’s malfunctioning or is older and needs replacing is the home’s gutter system.   Unless gutters have suffered damage and are visibly […]